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School of Art of Jiangsu University was founded, in January 2002, by merging Department of Artistic Design and Department of Industrial Design of former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and Department of Fine Arts of former Zhenjiang Teacher’s College together. Former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology started to offer Decorative Art Design Specialty in 1991; BA in Industrial Design in 1993; BA in Artistic Design in 1999. Former Zhenjiang Teacher’s College started to offer Fine Arts (education) Specialty (2 years, later extended to 3 years) in 1985; BA in Fine Arts (education) in 1999; BA in Animation in 2002.

   From the inception of the mergence, under the leadership of Jiangsu University, with the support and efforts of the staff and students, School of Art Education has made remarkable progress in teaching, scientific research and software and hardware construction. To meet the need of talents for national economic development, to comply with Jiangsu University’s call of supernormal development with big strides, in the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, School of Art Education considers students and teaching as its focus and facilitates teaching with scientific research. With an ambitious atmosphere and a positive attitude, it has steadily deepened educational reform, enhanced the disciplines and reinforced the teaching staff, and made great achievements in both teaching and scientific research and artistic practice and creativity.

  At present, School of Art Education has a staff of 91,among whom 4 professors, 17 associate professors and 74 full-time teachers. There are 7 PhD holders, 42 master degree holders; 8 and 11 are pursuing their PhDs and master degrees respectively. School of Art Education now offers 2 master programs: Artistic Design and Fine Arts; and 4 undergraduate programs: Artistic Design, Industrial Design, Fine Arts and Animation, recruiting students nationwide. School of Art Education has 7 teaching departments: Department of Industrial Design, Department of Visual Communication, Department of Environmental Art, Department of Animation & Media, Department of Fine Arts, Department of Decoration and Department of Elementary Courses; and several research institutes: Institute of Industrial Design, Institute of Art and Design, Institute of Fine Arts, Institute of Folk Arts, Institute of Animation, Institute of Modern Graphic Arts, Institute of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as well as a Central Lab and a library of School of Art Education.

  School of Art Education has 1,174 fulltime students, among whom 1107 undergraduates and 67 studying for their master degrees. Upon graduation, they have gone to large and medium-sized cities all over China, working in governmental departments, enterprises, news and media organizations, cultural, educational and scientific institutes and schools. Many have become the backbone of the design industry and top educators of fine arts. Some have set up their own businesses and become quite influential. They have made great contribution to the cause of China’s art and fine arts education and won many awards in professional competitions at home and abroad. At present, School of Art Education, with a youthful and energetic teaching staff, excellent educational facilities and abundant source of students, has received recognition for its achievements from the society.

  In recent years, teachers from School of Art Education have published more than 30 monographs and albums, 300-odd academic papers on authoritative national journals and core journals and more than 20 academic monographs and text books. They have provided more than 1,000 pieces of artworks for national and provincial exhibitions (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) as well as exhibitions in the US, France, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Sweden and Turkey. They have won many national and provincial professional awards and been granted several national patents. They have successively won many awards in “National Fine Arts Works Exhibition”, “Art Exhibition (Oil Painting) Nanjing China”, “China Star” National Package and Marking Design Competition, “East China Award” Design Competition. Students have participated and won awards in “National Collegians Visual Design Competition” Kan Tai-keung Design Award, “Suzhou Impression” Design Contest, Taiwan Times “Young Times Advertising Awards”. In 1st, 2nd, Jiangsu Province Collegians Art Exhibitions, they have won 2 1st awards, 3 2nd awards, 10 3rd awards and 20 awards of merit; In 1st, 2nd, 3rd National Ad Art Competitions, they have won 3 1st awards, 2 2nd awards, 4 3rd awards and 14 awards of merit. They have also won the 2004 special award in China’s Ad Association Academic Award; 1 gold award, 3 silver awards, 19 awards of merit and 2 entry awards in “Sailing?Qingdao” Theme Poster Design Contests. In addition, School of Art Education has transferred several scientific achievements, which have brought enormous social benefits and professional fame to the school.



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