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Fine Arts (Education)

  It is intended to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with aesthetic qualification and systematic aesthetic knowledge, being professional and versatile, who can not only teach and research in higher educational institutions and middle schools, but also make artistic work and designs in positions or other organizations.
  Through the study of basic theory of fine arts and training of basic skills in artistic design and art teaching, students are equipped with the ability to carry out professional theory research and make artwork and artistic designs. Main courses include: An Overview of Art, History of Fine Arts, Pedagogy, Psychology, Teaching methods and textbooks of Fine Arts for Middle School, Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Water Color Painting and Gouache, Design and Making of Decorative Painting, Graphic Design, Environmental Artistic Design and Computer-Aided Artistic Design.
  Graduates can be engaged in fine arts teaching, designing and so on in education, research and design organizations.
  School Years: 4 Years; Minimal Credit Requirement: 210 credits; Degree: BA in Fine Arts


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