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Industrial Design

  It is intended to cultivate high-level professionals with basic theory, knowledge and application competence of industrial design, so that they can make product models designs, visual communication designs and environmental designs, teach and research.
  The study is focused on basic theory and knowledge of industrial design, to equip students with basic qualifications of applying model design principles and laws, dealing with relationships concerning models and colors, functions and structures, shapes and craftsmanship of products as well as those of product and human beings, products and environments, and express these qualities on the model designs of products. Main courses include: Elements of Mechanical Designing, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Elements of Fine Arts, Elements of Model Designing, Modeling Material and Craftsmanship, Ergonomics, History of Industrial Design, CAD, Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Concept Car Design, etc.
  Graduates can be engaged in designing, researching, teaching and managing work in education, research, design, manufacture and management departments or organizations.
  School Years: 4 Years; Minimal Credit Requirement: 210 credits; Degree: BA in Engineering or BA in Fine Arts


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